Batman The Telltale Series Episode 2 DLC XBOX360-LiGHTFORCE

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    <--( Release Information )------------------------------------- ----- -->

    Console System.: Xbox 360 - Region........: RF
    Game Type......: DLC - Languages.....: English
    Backup Format..: DIR - Sizes.........: 07 x 100 MB
    Release Date...: 2016-12-02 - Orginal.......: XBLA
    Tested with....: Xbox 360 JTAG - Supplier......: Microsoft Fairy

    <--( Game Info )----------------------------------------------- ----- -->

    With Gotham City's first family mired in corruption, and an old friend now
    a dangerous adversary, the life of the Dark Knight is turned upside down.
    What was Thomas Wayne entangled in, and why was he killed? Determined to
    learn the truth about his father, Bruce sets out to question those
    involved in Gotham's criminal past. But which mask will he wear - The
    billionaire, or the bat? Huge decisions will forever change the Batman
    and the lives of those around him, as he meets the Children of Arkham.
    Episode two of a five part episodic game series. Purchase of this
    additional content requires Batman - The Telltale Series - Episode 1.

    Install to HDD at Partition3/Content/0000000000000000/