WiFi Speed Test Pro v2.5.5

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    WiFi Speed Test Pro v2.5.5 | 4.6 MB
    With this tool you can test the speed of your local (LAN) network. Testing can be done on wireless (wifi) or wired network.

    * ad free
    * iperf support

    Highlighted functions:
    * Test Wi-Fi upload and download speed
    * UDP speed test
    * FTP server speed test
    * Samba server speed test
    * iPerf speed test (iPerf, nttcp, Cisco ttcp)
    * Tethering and hotspot support (you can test even your usb tethering)

    IMPORTANT for Android 6 (Marshmallow): Please enable location service (Settings>Location) or the app won't work properly. This is not required for the app, this is a problem in android 6.0 (without it the app won't see the networks).

    This app will not be useful unless you have a second phone or computer to use it as server!
    You can download the server application (wifi_speed_test.exe/py) to your computer from here: bitbucket.org/pzolee/tcpserver/downloads

    Important: This is not an Internet speed test app!
    This application will measure the speed of your local network,
    live Internet connection is not required.

    Other features:
    * Test Wi-Fi or LAN speed between your mobile phones/tablets.
    * Test Wi-Fi or LAN speed between your mobile devices and your computer
    * Detecting overlapping networks
    * Visualization
    * Analyse your network and find bottlenecks
    * Export results in csv format and upload to cloud
    * Test Ethernet speed: Useful if your device uses Ethernet connection (like Smart Media Hub or Android based media player)

    What's New
    Added more Pro only features:
    * you can enable zoom in/out in the graph (visualization)
    * you can change the default time frame in the graph to see more data together (visualization)

    Requires Android: 2.3 and up
    (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)